About the main street approach

The Main Street Approach is a time-tested framework for community-driven, comprehensive revitalization.

It began in 1980 when the National Trust for Historic Preservation established the National Main Street Center as a way to address issues facing older and historic downtowns... and has grown to a grassroots network of people working to breathe new life into the places people call home.



Main Street 4 points.png
  1. Organization
    consensus, cooperation, partnerships, governance, volunteerism
  2. Promotion
    image, pride, events
  3. Design
    appearance, safety, atmosphere, accessibility
  4. Economic Restructuring
    business mix, competitiveness

8 Principles of the Main Street Approach

  1. Comprehensive: no one “quick fix”
  2. Increment: small accomplishments create snowball effect
  3. Self-help: no one else will save downtown
  4. Partnerships: public/private, civic organizations, stakeholders
  5. Identifying & capitalizing on existing assets: our own unique qualities
  6. Quality: is better than quantity
  7. Change: positive change breeds positive attitudes
  8. Implementation: frequent visible changes instill confidence