A vision for a better MANTUA



President  -  Edie Benner

Vice President  -  Toomas Tubalkain

Secreraty  -  Susan Steinberg 

Treasurer  -  Ellie Stamm


Board Members

Voting Members of Downtown Mantua Revitalization


Edie Benner

Ted Bixler

Jodi Fiala

Jessica Hopkins

Martha Levine


Jim Oster

Marian Phillips

Christine Pitsinger

Phil Rath / Barrie Zuver

Ellie Stamm

Susan Steinberg

Kim Sumwalt

Toomas Tubalkain

Terri Vechery

Steve Zabor




To Join DMRC please fill out the form and mail your $5.oo membership dues to:

PO Box 414   
Mantua, OH 44255

**If you are a FRIENDS DONOR there is no membership fee**

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